Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1
Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1
Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1
Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1
Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1
Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1

Sevylor Alameda Premium 2+1

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Introducing the Alameda Premium Inflatable Kayak from Sevylor!

The Alameda Premium is a 2 plus 1, designed for two adults and one child, its aqua blue colouration inspires your adventure on the water and perfectly blends in with your surroundings! The Alameda Premium is perfect for a family day out touring along sheltered coastlines or inland waters with thanks to its calm and flat water use rating! This model of Alameda utilises Sevylor’s Easy Inflation System!

The Easy Inflation System incorporates 3 valves into now only one valve! From just one valve you can inflate or deflate all three chambers allowing you to and your family to enjoy exploring the waters as soon as you arrive at your favourite lake! For inflation, turn the IN/OUT switch into ‘IN’, connect the pump and inflate. Air will then flow simultaneously into all three chambers (2 sides, 1 floor). When the correct pressure is reached, turn the valve into LOCK position and screw on the cap, you can enjoying paddling in full safety! Finally, for deflation turn the IN/OUT switch into ‘OUT’ and simply unscrew the plastic cap!

The Alameda Premium looks sporty but provides excellent stability with thanks to its wide shape and to help stability. The kayak comes with a removable fin should you find the going a little bumpy and helps to keep straight-line performance to glide longer distances with ease! Designed for comfort the kayaks seats feature foam backrests, a taller base, storage pockets and innovative webbing suspension to mould to your rowing position. You can easily turn the Alameda Premium from a 3 person kayak into a 1 person kayak! With moulded handles on side, these can act as paddle holders, grab handles or can be used as carry handles.

Should the kayak take on excess water when paddling, the Alameda Premium features a highly effective drainage system while the integrated large spray decks at the bow and stern help to divert water away to keep all on-board a little drier.

Complete with bungee cord strapping, this helps to keep your luggage secure and saves clutter around the seats allowing all to paddle free and as light as possible.


  • Wide shape offering excellent stability
  • 3 chambers, Easy Inflation System: 1 Valve to control inflation and deflation
  • Double I-beam floor, houses extra strength to remain flat on the water when loaded
  • Removable side chambers
  • Easy inflation Manometer: Check pressure easily during inflation
  • On-board water drainage system
  • Integrated large spray decks at bow and stern
  • Front bungee cord strapping to secure load
  • 3 fabric covered seats with foam backrests, taller base, storage pockets and innovative webbing suspension
  • Removable seats, turn from a 3 seater into a 2 seater
  • Removable fin and welded-on directional strake for improved manoeuvrability
  • New moulded handles on the side, double up as paddle holders
  • Max load weight: 210kg
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Size: 374.5cm x 95cm
  • Supports 2 Adults, 1 Child
  • TUV Product Tested – ISO 6185-1
  • Two piece carry bag, repair kit and owner’s manual included

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