Hou Canoes

Hou Canoes - Prospector

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A legend. The Hou Canoes take on an all time classic, The Chestnut Prospector. This canoe was originally designed to paddle well on both open water such as lakes, and also to paddle well on moving/white water rivers. It had to paddle well unloaded but also had to be able to carry a good load on the return journey. Today we still want the same from our canoes, all be it for different reasons. This boat paddles well on lakes and rivers, and will give you a dry, predictable ride whether you are solo or loaded up for a multi day trip. This classic design is all things to all paddlers, the ultimate all rounder. 

With the boat being pitched at just over 15 and 1/2 feet in length it is also the ultimate do everything boat. No longer do you need to look at a 15 and 16 thinking, the 15 is what I want for the solo days, but the 16 will be better for tandem and tripping days, now you can have it all in one boat, the Hou Canoes Prospector! 

To quote Dave Rossetter, "This boat makes you smile!"

Length 15 foot 7 inches
Width 36 inches
Depth 14 inches
Rocker 2 and 3/4 inches
Material A.R.N.I.3
Carrying Capacity 460 Kgs

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