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New buoyancy aids from Palm Equipment

Peyto £99.95

We love these new all season touring buoyancy aids from Palm not only because they are top quality but they are packed with really useful features including:

Hidden fleece lined hand warmers
Good sized front pockets
Rear pocket to fit hydration bladder
Men's and women's fit and colours
For more information and to buy this product click here:-

FX £89.95

The new FX is comfy and cool in looks with plenty of storage.  We have a choice of colours and sizes.  In particular, if you are instructing on flat water you will love this product.
For more information on his product click here

Hydro £79.95

The Hydro has a classic shape with front zip.  It has a large rear pocket (option to fit hydration bladder) as well as two ample front pockets with additional clips inside.
For more info please click here.

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