A taster of our Robson paddle range


A taster of our new Robson paddle range

We have just received a great selection of new paddles from Robson. Robson paddles are well made and well liked by our staff. Here is a taster of our new range.

NB: When selecting a new paddle you will need to consider the paddle length, what materials are used and most importantly the shape of the blade.  Here we focus on the different blades available in our Robson range.

White water paddles

We keep a variety of White Water specific paddles in stock. Two of these, the Pogo (3&6) and the Haida (2) from Robson can be seen in this picture.

The Haida, with it's "Downturned" blade and funky design uses a "Flow Tech" material which is lighter and more durable than the more traditional glass fibre blades making it ideal for the more expert / technical white water paddler. £204.99

If you are looking for a more intermediate white water paddle, take a look at the Pogo which we chose for its very strong glass blade and excellent price £175.99 making it ideal for intermediate white water use.

Touring paddles

The other 5 paddles in this picture are what we refer to as "touring" paddles.  Their blades are ergonomically designed for longer distance, flat water paddling on lakes or the sea.  Our touring paddles here have two types of blade:-

Low angle blades - these blades are longer and have a narrower profile.  Ideal for those of you with a more relaxed paddling style or who are looking for comfort on longer distances.

High angle blades - these blades improve power and acceleration when using high angle strokes.  More suitable for those of you who are focussed on improving your technique and want a higher performance blade.

Low angle blades:

The Zephyr low angle blades are gentle on the joints yet provide a well balanced, power stroke when needed. 

The Zephyr fibreglass (4) is priced at £179.99 and the high performance Zephyr Carbon (8) which is lighter and stiffer than the fibreglass option, costs £269.99

High angle blades: 

Our Synergy high angle blades are designed for performance paddlers looking to manoeuvre the blade quickly.  The Synergy comes in two options - Synergy fibreglass (5) £179.99 or Synergy carbon (1) £269.99 which is lighter and stiffer for improved comfort & performance.

The high angle Chlorophyll (7) with "FlowTech Foam Core Technology" is lighter than the Synergy with improved buoyancy meaning a less fatiguing stroke. £204.99

Other paddles in our range

We also keep more entry level white water paddles at a lower price point in stock for those keen on getting into the sport without having to break the bank. 

For greater shaft adjustability, we have 2 piece variations for the Synergy, Zephyr Carbon and Chlorophyll models.

We also have a range of more specialist ex-demo paddles with carbon fibre shafts and / or blades.

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