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Date Location Time Activity
16/07/17 Waterhead 10:00am FULL
16/07/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
18/07/17 Fellfoot 10:00am FULL
18/07/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
23/07/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
23/07/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
25/07/17 Fellfoot 10:00am Kayak
25/07/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
30/07/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
06/08/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
06/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
08/08/17 Fellfoot 10:00am Kayak
08/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Full
13/08/17 Waterhead 10:00am Full
13/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
15/08/17 Fellfoot 10:00am Full
15/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
20/08/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
20/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
22/08/17 Fellfoot 10:00am Kayak
22/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
27/08/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
27/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
29/08/17 Fellfoot 10:00am Kayak
29/08/17 Bowness 2:30pm FULL
05/09/17 Fellfoot 10:00am FULL
05/09/17 Bowness 2:30pm FULL
10/09/17 Waterhead 10:00am Kayak
10/09/17 Bowness 2:30pm Kayak
Join us for a Guided tour on Windermere.
We offer tours from two of our locations based on Windermere.
Our journey offers stunning mountainous views up the lake and the opportunity to see some of Windermere's wildlife (if your nice and quiet).
Tours will run from Fellfoot, at the south end of Windermere, as well as from our shop based at Bowness.


2 Hours. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to tour time.

Meeting Point:
For Fellfoot you can park in the National Trust car park on site. From here walk down towards the water front and find our friendly member of staff who you will find next to our selection of kayaks.
For Bowness tours head to Windermere Canoe Kayak based on ferry nab. There is a pay and display car park on your right as you turn down Ferry Nab road where you will need to park. From here you walk 100m down the road towards the ferry where you will find us on your right hand side. 

Windermere Canoe & Kayak
Ferry Nab Road
LA23 3JH


Ferry Nab - Pay and display car park

Fellfoot- Toilets on site at National Trust Cafe. 

Bowness- Toilets in car park – 20p
                 Changing room available at meeting point


Buoyancy aids, paddles, boats, wetsuits and dry bags are included in the price.

Appropriate clothing is required i.e. warm clothing which can get wet (& no denim!), a change of clothes and a towel may be required for after the tour.

Please look carefully at dates below before booking to make sure you've selected the location you wish to go to. 


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