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Gorge Scrambling Trips

Gorge Scrambling is a classic Lake District experience - are you up for it?

For Private Trips please contact us

Gorge scrambling is a fun, yet challenging activity and a fantastic way to experience the Lake District we can offer this activity provided by our sister company Total Adventure.

Gorge Scrambling is hard to describe in a way that does the activity justice.  Until you have actually done it you will never quite understand what fun it can be!  

In simple terms, you make your way up the mountainside using the river as your pathway. The atmosphere and sounds in the gorge are quite different from anywhere else, you'll scramble up rocks using your hands and feet, pause to catch your breath and look back to where you have come from - WOW!  You may climb a waterfall (or hide behind one) step into a crystal clear pool, slide down a rock.  With the help of an expert guide you'll emerge to some of the most stunning views in England!

As with all our guided trips we tailor the exact route taken on the abilities of the whole group.  Needless to say, you'll probably get wet and are likely to end up swimming at some point (because it's fun!) However, if you prefer to take a dryer route you can usually by-pass the most difficult sections.

We provide all equipment including wetsuits, helmets, buoyancy aids.  However, on warmer days you may decide to go without the wetsuit!

Trips lasts approximately 2 hours and we normally finish near a good cafe / eatery for that well deserved hot / celebratory drink!

Minimum age 10 yrs.

We are sold out for 2019 but - If you would like to book a Gorge Scramble trip on a different day, please email to find out we are be able to run a private session for you on your chosen date.  We will however need some advance notice to organise this.

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