Enduro TikiTech Hybrid


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A well balanced blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power. The wide blade is also good to lean on while wave riding. 

Our new proprietary blade technology, Tiki Tech features a lightweight PVC core, full ABS rail, glass lay-up, and special lightweight surface finish material.  The result is a blade with forgiving flex characteristics, strength, and extremely light weight. The Tiki Tech blades are comparable in weight to our 2012 carbon blade offering, providing a high-performance blade at great value. 

The Starboard Enduro is a top performance wave and allround paddle. It is available in three blade sizes to match all rider sizes and physiques. A well balanced blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power. The Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and it is also great to lean on while wave riding. A favourite blade for world SUP surf Sean Poynter who uses a round shaft combination. It is also favoured by all UK Starboard riders for wave use. 

The blades are available in either Carbon or Tiki Tech and either Fixed, adjustable or three piece travel configurations with a hybrid carbon shaft.

Blade Size

The blade's size can be compared to the gears of a bike: the higher the gear or the smaller the blade, the less effort each stroke consumes with less forward motion generated. The lower the gear or the bigger the blade, the more energy will be used and the more forward motion will be generated. The smaller blade sizes are recommended for long paddle sessions, lighter people, or those with a high cadence stroke. The larger blade sizes provide immediate power with only a few strokes enabling fast and late drops into waves.

As paddlers are becoming more experienced, many are choosing a smaller blade size, which is less fatiguing during longer sessions. Sean Poynter uses an Enduro M and Zane Schweitzer's choice is an Enduro S for wave riding.

Blade areas available (square centimetres):
Enduro L – 575
Enduro M – 525
Enduro S – 475

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