Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co - 2015 Glass Vario SUP Paddle


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The Red Paddle Co's glass fibre shaft with it’s progressive curve blade shape gives you that little extra in performance. The shaft has a dynamic flex that will put an extra spring and energy into your paddle stroke, while not breaking the bank. The blade will catch the stroke early, hold power through the mid point and release well on exit. 

All Glass paddles come fitted with the ergonomically designed paddle handle which makes any distance of paddling a joy!

Adjustable from 170cm – 220cm. Ideal if you share your board with friends and family. The quick and easy adjustable clip allows you to change the height of the paddle instantly to suit the rider and type of paddling they are doing.

Length: 170cm - 210cm
Weight: 0.92
Blade Construction: Glass Fibre
Usage: All Round, Flat Water, Surf

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