Windermere One Way Swim - 28th August 2021


We will be hiring Sit on Top Kayaks to support paddlers for their swimmers on the Windermere One Way Swim 2021. Please book HERE.

You will be supplied with a double sit on top kayak, this will be set up to be used by a single paddler allowing space on the boat for safety equipment or even to take the swimmer on board if required. we will also supply a paddle, seat and buoyancy aid so let us know your body size so we can best guess the correct size for you.You will need to be able to collect the kayak from Fell Foot on Friday 27th August at 6:30pm (please bring a secure, flexible bike lock to lock the kayak overnight at the start)

Once your swimmer has finished the event please return the kayak to our staff who will be on at the finish line waiting for you.