Rules and Risk Management 2019 Solstice


-All paddlers must attend the race briefing at 10:30 at Waterhead (Ambleside)

- All paddlers must display their bib number as stated in the race briefing. Please do not block this number with anything.

- All paddlers must complete the course in 5 Hours or less (slowest time 2017 4:53:02)

- Drafting is only permitted within class and gender

- Finishing times and positions will be recorded for all paddlers and the results will be posted in a rankings sheet after the event

- Any protests regarding race position or timing against another paddler must be made to the race organisers within 1 hour of finishing the race


- Boards must be mono hulled and be used with a single paddle

- All Paddlers must wear leashes – failure to wear a leash will end in disqualification

- Paddlers must remain standing for the duration of the race(i.e. no use of paddle when not standing)


BA to be worn by all apart from those with a leash (SUP)

If competitors struggling by Belle Isle they can call into the shop/WindermereCanoeKayak  (half way safety outpost, LA23 3JH)

  • Our staff are trained and monitored to ensure they operate according to our safe work practices
  • Safety boats and equipment will be in good working order and positioned along the course
  • Hazards and risks will be identified and communicated to participants at the event briefing
  • Any decision to alter the course due to bad weather will be taken no later than midday on the day before
  • Any decision to abandon the event due to bad weather will be taken no later than one hour prior to the start
  • We will do everything possible to ensure there is an event, even if it means shortening the course
  • Paddlers will actively take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Paddlers must disclose any medical conditions
  • Paddlers agree to stop paddling and assist any fellow paddler that may be in need of assistance
  • Paddlers agree to abide by the expertise of the organisers and their staff
  • Paddlers must be able to swim at least 50 metres unaided and be proficient at paddling 8 miles on flat or slightly choppy water