*Intro to surf SUP

Are you proficient on small bumpy water and want to move towards another discipline SUP journey? We suggest our learn to surf course - come and try with one of our fully qualified instructors! This is an 3 hour skills based course in which by the end you will be able to;

  • Understand the surf environment
  • Identify SUP surf hazards
  • Choose a safe SUP location
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out and mount/dismount
  • Demonstrate correct wave etiquette
  • Choose suitable SUP surfing board and equipment
  • Identify safe places to enter and exit the surf
  • Negotiate waves
  • Correct paddling technique and stance
  • Trim (backhand & forehand)



  • Swim 200 metres (650 ft), without stopping
  • Paddle competently in exposed water 
If this sounds like a course for you please contact us