*Learn to SUP

Have you hired a SUP? or maybe have your own and want to take things further and learn the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Our Intro to SUP session will be right down your street! This is an 2 hour informal skills based course in which by the end you will be able to;

  • Identify SUP personal hazards
  • Identify SUP location hazards
  • Choose a safe SUP location
  • Identify self rescue techniques and when to apply them
  • Choose suitable flat water board, leash and equipment
  • Enter and exit the water correctly
  • Paddle in standing and kneeling position with balance and confidence
  • Identify correct paddling technique
  • Identify the 5 phases of the paddling stroke
  • Demonstrate correct method to change direction
  • Demonstrate turning - back paddling left and right and pivot turns
  • Demonstrate how to stop, safe wipe-out and dismount

If this sounds like a course for you please contact us