Robson - Haida White Water


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For no compromise whitewater paddler who demand the best. Superior flex and impact resistance.
Asymetrical blade profile perform both freestyle and river-running

Technology: FlowTech blades are lighter and more durable than traditional materials.

Down turned blades, good purchase on the water and less chance of catching on your boat. Stable bracing and rolling. The FlowTech blades are bouyant and light in aerated water. Ovaled bent shaft makes it easy to maintain your grip and know exactly where your hand is. Top creeking paddle. Step out of the sweat lodge and start paddling.

FlowTech blade material - tough, light and stiff. Blade won't wear on edges, colors won't fade.  

Epoxy Free :)

Oval index on straight and bent shaft: enables you to find your grip quickly and effortlessly.  

Blade shape: Big, down turned blades for more positive power and less chance of catching on your boat.
Also available in a more traditional river running shape as shown in the images.

Hand made in Germany.

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