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Hou Canoes - Hou 15

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Simply put, hou 15 will carry everything you need for a weekend away; you can take the wife, and even enjoy the journey! Welcome to the hou-15!! Designed with a ‘modern’ canoe style this boat is maximized for efficient paddling and load carrying. A flatter, very slightly rounded, hull shape provides fantastic initial stability, which in turn provides a confidence that you will struggle to find in many canoes. At 15 feet it’s nigh on the ‘ultimate length’ for an all rounder. This boat will help you down the lumpy bits of water and take care of you on the flat as well. A great modern style all rounder with good tracking and load carrying. Also a firm favorite with ‘centers’ and coaches alike.

Style, well what can we say, it’s a modern style boat that does exactly what it says on the tin. Its just designed to work; in a modern way. It will look great on the water as well as by the campfire, and it will help make a great bivy too.

Length 15 foot 1 inch
Width 36 inches
Depth 15 inches
Weight 32 Kgs
Carrying Capacity 440 Kgs

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