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Windermere Canoe Kayak Summer Solstice Race Report 2014 March 03 2015

June 2014 saw the 6th Annual Summer Solstice race organised by Windermere Canoe Kayak. We were super excited for this event as it was going to be bigger an better than before with races happening over the weekend as well as boat and paddle demos from Fell Foot Park.
The race involves paddlers of all abilities completing the 10.5 mile long paddle down Lake Windermere. 2014 saw a huge variety of boats participate including K1's, Sea Kayaks, Stand up Paddleboards, Dragon Boats, Canoes, Outriggers and many more.
Our aim is to get as many paddlers involved in this spectacular event to celebrate the longest day of the year by paddling Englands longest lake.
1 hour 19minutes was the time to beat, and that we did this year!

Registration was held at Waterhead and we couldn't have predicted better weather. The sunshine and mild tail wind was something new to our Solstice Race compared to the usual torrential rain and high head winds.
With the weather brought more and more competitors, we had never had so many before. We also saw Stand up Paddleboards compete for the first time, and boy did they do well.
At 11am it was all go, the racers were off and event staff had to pack up and race them, to the finish line. They made it, but only just with Ian and Alan Tordoff crossing the line in 1:14:00 and the GB Dragon Boat team in close pursuit hitting the line at 1:14:15.
Our first solo paddler Colin Cartwright crossed the line just 4 mins later with a time of 1:18:30 only just beating the solo race record by 30seconds.
We basked in the sunshine cheering the racers over the line, with everyone finishing within 3:17:00 (which in itself is a record!)

Prizegiving, food, beer and music finished off the day over at Fell Foot Wood Campsite. Some amazing prizes were donated by Peak UK, Ainsworth Paddles, Palm Equipment and SUP North, we couldn't have asked for better support.

While all this was happening we also had a Demo Weekend taking place in the North Field at Fell Foot Park. We had a lot of support from our suppliers who made the effort to come up to the lakes and show off all their lovely boats, paddle and kit. Boats and paddles were available for free demo on the water and there was kit up for sale for those keen to take up the sport.

Sunday saw our 5.5mile race happen, again with more participants than previous years, as well as more demos in the sunshine.

2015 can only get better! Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for more details and booking information.

Summer Solstice 2014 Results June 25 2014

Long Course

Placing Name Boat Time
1 Ian & Alan Tordoff Tandem Kayak 01:14:00
2 GB Dragonboat Team Dragonboat 01:14:15
3 Colin Cartwright Single Kayak 01:18:30
4 Alan & Ursula Macintosh Tandem Kayak 01:25:05
5 Andrew Morton Single Kayak 01:25:13
6 Kenny Fraser Single Kayak 01:25:13
7 Jeff Parker Single Kayak 01:33:26
8 Kevin Locke Single Kayak 01:33:27
9 Kate Duffus Single Kayak 01:37:19
10 Paul Vousden & Tim Austin Tandem Kayak 01:37:32
11 Martin Tonge Single Kayak 01:37:44
12 Steve Whipp Single Kayak 01:37:51
13 John Wennington Outrigger Canoe 01:39:22
14 Ben Nelson Single Kayak 01:39:22
15 Malcolm Goodall Single Kayak 01:40:09
16 Alex Pilkington Single Kayak 01:40:44
17 David Kay Single Kayak 01:41:13
18 Trisha Corless Outrigger Canoe 01:44:01
19 Alan Paterson Single Kayak 01:44:18
20 Lizelle kemp Single Kayak 01:45:58
21 Ben Beachell Single Kayak 01:46:01
22 Martin Lucas Single Kayak 01:47:22
23 Roswitha Wagenknecht Single Kayak 01:47:32
24 Daniel Finlayson Outrigger Canoe 01:49:16
25 Paul Hill Single Kayak 01:49:26
26 Mitch Dunne Single Kayak 01:50:40
27 John Court Outrigger Canoe 01:51:30
28 Dan Hopwood Outrigger Canoe 01:51:32
29 Stuart Bates Single Kayak 01:52:36
30 Malcolm Stubbs Single Kayak 01:52:40
31 Adam & Steve Tandem Canoe 01:53:09
32 Dave Spence Single Kayak 01:54:16
33 Mike Dagley Single Kayak 01:54:21
34 Pete Astles Single Kayak 01:55:53
35 Lawrence Harris Single Kayak 01:55:54
36 Paddlers for Life Dragonboat 01:59:09
37 David Oates Single Kayak 02:00:30
38 Rob Britton Outrigger Canoe 02:07:45
39 Julia Kay Single Kayak 02:08:24
40 Dinah Ramenbusd Single Kayak 02:10:47
41 Jane Parker Single Kayak 02:12:02
42 Roger Butterfield Single Kayak 02:12:06
43 Simon Dunton SUP 02:12:26
44 Alistair Swinsco SUP 02:17:55
45 Alan & Mags Tandem Canoe 02:18:01
46 Lucy Pearce SUP 02:21:10
47 Bill Stephens Single Canoe 02:25:20
48 Julian Maclaine Single Kayak 02:25:24
49 Claire Maclaine Single Kayak 02:25:25
50 Richard Butler Single Kayak 02:29:10
51 Stephen Odonell SUP 02:34:45
52 Ben & Britta Tandem Kayak 02:45:04
53 Belinda Randall SUP 03:15:06
54 Simon Johnson Single SOT Kayak 03:15:11
55 Dan Jones Single Kayak 03:15:42
56 Ella Jones Single Kayak 03:15:49
57 Catherine & Family Canoe 03:16:01

Short Course

Placing Name Boat Time
1 Kenny Fraser Single Kayak 00:43:42
2 Kevin Locke Single Kayak 00:45:47
3 Alan Paterson Single Kayak 00:48:34
4 Kate Duffus Single Kayak 00:48:54
5 Lizelle Kemp Single Kayak 00:52:47
6 Stuart Bates Single Kayak 00:53:41
7 Paul Hill Single Kayak 00:54:44
8 Mike Dagley Single Kayak 00:54:58
9 Malcolm Stubbs Single Kayak 00:56:37
10 Amanda Spavin Single Kayak 01:00:14
11 Natalie & William & Dog Tandem Kayak 01:04:05
12 Geoff & Rory Tandem Kayak 01:08:24
13 Alistair Swinsco SUP 01:15:08
14 Keith Houldsworth Single Kayak 01:23:45
15 Alison Rennie SUP 01:25:56
16 Senga Blackmore SUP 01:34:15
17 Richard Grave SUP 02:04:49

Windermere Canoe and Kayak Presents the 6th Annual Summer Solstice Race April 05 2014


The Summer Solstice has always been a time for celebration; we are reminded of Pagan rituals and bonfires. Why not create your own Solstice tradition and join us on the water for the 6th annual Windermere Canoe Kayak Summer Solstice Festival.
This year is going to be bigger and better then ever. We will be celebrating the longest day by paddling the longest lake in England. All man powered boats/boards are welcome to paddle the 10.5 mile course or 5 mile course over the weekend. There will be prizes for each category as well as a BBQ finale and evening entertainment.
Joining us will be the folks from GoCanoeing, Palm Equipment, We-no-Nah, Grey Owl, SUP North, Peak UK and Fyne Boat Kits.
There will be canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and paddles all available for demo or taster sessions throughout the weekend. Everyone is welcome! There is something to do whether you’re just getting into the sport, or an accomplished paddler!
Enter the race solo, come as a pair, or even a team.

The Windermere Summer Solstice Lake Race is an exciting event held on England’s longest lake, at the heart of the beautiful Lake District National Park. The race involves paddlers of all abilities completing either the half or full length of Windermere, and is open to an array of boats from surf skis to canoes. Over the years we have seen everything from whitewater rafts and dragon boats, through to sit-on-top kayaks and handmade wooden canoes. The aim of the game is to get as many paddlers involved, enjoying England’s longest lake on the longest day of the year (or as near to as possible) – some are there just for the journey and some are there to beat the race record!

There will be a BBQ and evening entertainment after the Long race on Saturday night. Camping is available at Fell Foot Wood Camping. To make a booking or for further details, please contact Barry Houghton on 015395 31014 or

These are the two options for paddlers to choose from before the day of the Windermere Canoe Kayak Solstice Race. There is an option for you regardless of your paddling ability:-
1.) Long Course (10.5 Miles) – (Experienced only) Taking place on Saturday 21st June from Waterhead to Fell Foot
2.) Standard Course (5.5 Miles)- (Most participants with reasonable experience) Taking place on Sunday 22nd June from Fell Foot to Ferry Nab

Entrance Fee: £16 (Per Applicant) or £25 (with hire)

Registration for the long course will open from 9am – 10:45 at Waterhead. The race will aim to start at 11am.
The short course registration will be held at Fell Foot Park on the 22nd June from 9:30am – 11am for an 11:30 start

If you are interested in joining in then have a read of the race information and terms & conditions. Once you’ve had a look at these then download an application form and send it in before the day.

WCK Summer Solstice Application 2014

Race Information & Terms and Conditions 2014

Please ensure you read all the information provided before returning your application form. Return your application forms by post or email.

By Post: Windermere Canoe Kayak, Ferry Nab Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, LA23 3JH

By Email:

All cheques must be payable to “Total Adventure Ltd”

You can also pay over the phone or pop in to the shop!

We look forward to celebrating another successful event. Good luck!